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About Us

                                                         Coastal Auto Group LLC 

                                                              Sales and Leasing

We handle the entire process of buying or leasing any new or preowned automobile or truck.

*This is why Coastal Auto Group is for you*

We are always working for you. Once you decide on a automobile we use our 30 years of experience to negotiate with multiple sources and dealerships. To assure you during your purchase or lease that you are getting the best price. We make it worry and hassle free so you don't have to go through the long and frustrating negotiating process.

*Peace of Mind*

By choosing Coastal Auto Group you can be assured that we are bonded and licensed by the State of California. Our client's interest and confidentiality is of utmost importance to us.

*Your Trade In*

Coastal Auto Group has a wide network of automotive sources to get you the maximum amount for your trade in. Even if your trade in is not paid off we will work with you to balance your position with your purchase.

*Incentives,Rebates,and Interest Rates*

Our commitment to you is to secure any and all incentives,rebates,and special interest rates from the manufacture with your purchase or lease through Coastal Auto Group.

*No Up Front Fees*

Coastal Auto Group does not charge any up front fees and if we cannot secure a deal on the auto of your choice there will be no charge to you for our services. If you do purchase or lease with us we will receive a nominal fee from the dealer.

*Delivery of Your Automobile*

We give you first class service. We arrange delivery of your automobile from a location of your choice. Our facility, the dealership, or your home. We are working for you.

*Committed to the Community*

We at Coastal Auto Group live and have raised families in our community. We would like to give a donation of $50.00 to the school, church, or charity of your choice upon completion of your purchase or lease .

*Many Choices*

With the competition and many choices you have in today's automotive market we hope you will be happy and content with our service.

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